Turn: Season 2 Premiere Date
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The Revolution will continue to be televised, starting April 13, when AMC’s TURN: Washington’s Spies opens Season 2.

The period espionage drama — which in the off-season added Lost Girl‘s Ksenia Solo (pictured) and The Mentalist‘s Owain Yeoman as Peggy Shippen and Benedict Arnold, respectively — will kick off its run that Monday at 9/8c with a two-hour premiere, before settling into its regular 10 pm time slot the following week.

Season 2 of TURN, reads the network’s press release, “moves deeper into the battles waged by soldiers and civilians alike in the pursuit of freedom, and the sacrifices they’re willing to make to secure it. As Abe becomes more committed to the Culper Ring activities, George Washington battles both personal demons and betrayal from within his ranks that threaten not only his leadership but the fate of the revolution. As the colonies struggle to become a nation, the outcome of the revolution will hinge on alliances both on and off the battlefield.” (Source)

Orphan Black: 5 Stations Airing Premiere
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AMC Networks is giving the roadblock treatment across its five networks to the April 18 season premiere of BBC America’s Orphan Black.

The season three opener will run simultaneously at 10 p.m. across AMC, SundanceTV, IFC and We TV, in addition to BBC America. The move could provide a crucial boost to turn “Orphan Black” into a broader hit that reaches beyond its hard-core cadre of sci-fi fans. (Source)

Event: February 20 – Vanity Fair’s DJ Night
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Preview Preview Preview Preview
February 20 – Vanity Fair’s DJ Night

Turn: On Set
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Turn: On Set x 6

Orphan Black: On Set
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Preview Preview
Orphan Black: On Set x 2

Lost Girl: On Set
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Lost Girl: Season 5: On Set x 2

Turn: New Set Photos
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Turn: On Set x 5

If you’re interested in catching up on season 1 of Turn it’ll be coming to Netflix on March 25 and is available now on amc.com and on demand.

Orphan Black TCA Scoop
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Jordan Gavarais said he shares scenes with Delphine (Evelyne Brochu) this season (“There’s some shade thrown, there’s some cattiness. All I had to do last season was say her name once and everyone gasped. But it’s fun.”), but he also might spend some time with guest star Ksenia Solo, who plays a holistic healer named Shay. When I mention the press release hinting that she might stir up some trouble for Cophine as a love interest for Cosima, Jordan laughs.

“What I will say is that press releases are very strategic and they are designed to elicit that response, to make the audience ask that question,” Jordan said. “Whether or not it will, I can’t say. Things will certainly be complicated… I think its pretty obvious that there’s a bit of friction between Delphine and Cosima. There’s a lot going on. Delphine’s loyalty is kind of messy.”

Jordan knows Ksenia has a huge Lost Girl following coming to the show, and says she’s the “nicest person in the world.”

“We had a table read and she comes in like this ethereal beauty queen in a yellow floppy hat,” he says. “A lovely lovely woman.”

Read the whole article on Orphan Black’s new season here.

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