New TV Series: AMC’s ‘Turn’
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AMC’s Revolutionary War drama Turn is enlisting a Lost Girl star.

Ksenia Solo has boarded the sophomore drama as a series regular, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Turn, based on Alexander Rose’s book Washington’s Spies, hails from Nikita’s Craig Silverstein and is executive produced by Barry Josephson. Set during the summer of 1778, the drama centers on a New York farmer named Abe Woodhull, who bands together with a group of childhood friends to form the Culper Ring, a group of spies who turn the tide in America’s fight for independence.

Solo will play Peggy Shippen, who hails from one of the richest families in the capital of Philadelphia who is well-versed in politics, foreign affairs and finance. Both an urban sophisticate and a homebody of sorts, she is devoted to her family, particularly to her father Edward, becoming his favorite despite being the youngest of four daughters. Peggy navigates the complications of the family’s pro-British politics in the patriot capital. In doing so she demonstrates a quality uncommon for her background: sacrifice. Peggy heroically sacrifices her happiness for the cause she believes in and the man she loves and eventually marries: Benedict Arnold.

AMC this month also cast The Mentalist alum Owain Yeoman to play Benedict Arnold.

Solo has played Kenzi on Syfy’s Lost Girl since its start. She won a Gemini Award for her supporting role on the series in 2011. The show was renewed for a fifth and final season, though a return date has not yet been determined for the Canadian import. Repped by Paradigm and The Schiff Co., her credits include The CW’s Life Unexpected, Black Swan and The Factory.

AMC renewed Turn for a second season in June. The series returns with 10 episodes at a yet-to-be announced date in 2015. (Source)

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Gallery Update: Photoshoots
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Preview Preview Preview Preview
Photoshoots: 8 New Photos

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Exclusive Interview with Ksenia!!
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Ksenia was kind enough to answer some questions for us. Please don’t re-post this interview elsewhere, just link people here. Enjoy!!!

Middle Name? “No middle name. Always thought it would be cool to have one.”

Any Siblings? No.

Favorite Book? Furious Love

Favorite Movie? When Harry Met Sally

Favorite Band/Singer? Mutemath & London Grammar

Favorite Actor & Actress? “I really admire Mark Ruffalo and Amy Adams. They both always play very complex, interesting characters in films that have very powerful messages.”

You injured yourself when you were a teenager which is why you started to focus more on acting and less on ballet. Did the accident change other priorities for you as well? Did you feel a shift in what you thought was important?

“Not really. I loved acting as much as I loved dance.”

Do you have a motto you live by? What is it?

“You create your own happiness.
I believe that very much.”

Who are your heroes?

“A hero to me is someone who never gives up, never stops believing, never stops dreaming, no matter what life throws at them. Someone who fights for what they believe in and stands up for those who can’t fight for themselves.”

Is there a book or a movie that has changed your view on the world/on inspired you? If so, what and why?

“The film Bully had a profound affect on me. It made me want to do everything I could to stand up for all those kids. It reminded me that I know first hand what it’s like to be made fun of, ridiculed and made to feel less than everyone else. Most importantly, the film taught me about an amazing little boy named Ty Smalley and the events that led up to his tragic death. I learned about his incredible parents, Kirk and Laura Smalley and the absolutely inspiring and life changing work they now do in Ty’s honor with Stand For The Silent. I went home after I watched the film, found the soonest SFTS event and within two weeks I was sitting in front of Kirk at a venue just outside of Chicago. It changed me forever.”

If you could experience a day in the life of anyone (alive or dead) who would it be and why?

“I would like to experience a day in the life of Elizabeth Taylor. She was such a power house. Such a talent. Such a complex woman. Her life was wild and unpredictable and she experienced so much. I think being her for a day would be an incredible lesson in strength.”

Do you have any hidden talents?

“I love photography. People tell me I have a good eye. I really enjoy being behind the camera. It’s out of my comfort zone and that feeling excites me.”

Note from Brianne: Check out Ksenia’s photography here!

What’s on your iPod and DVR? What was the last film you saw?

“Music is a huge part of my life. I have a little bit of everything on my playlist.”

“My favorite television shows right now are Homeland, House of Cards, Girls, New Girl and Orphan Black.”

“The last film I saw was The Normal Heart.”

Aside from “Another You” do you have any upcoming projects in the works?

“Of course. I just can’t talk about those quite yet.”

Many fans want to know what made you get started in acting? Did you have any professional training?

“I grew up in a family of artists. I used to sit in baby chair in the wings of the theatre and try to copy everything I saw. I never really had to think about what I wanted to do, being a performer seemed to come naturally, even though I was a painfully shy kid. Acting actually changed my life in that sense. It completely helped me break out of my shell. Not sure who I would be today with it.”

Do you ever wish to work as a director or are you content with being in front of the camera?

“I have wanted to direct for a very long time! In fact I just had my directorial debut and I absolutely can’t wait to share it with you guys!”


Do you have any update on “Too Early for Flowers: The Story of a Polio Mother”? Have you started production yet?

“The project is currently in development.”

Many fans are curious as to what you’ll be doing with OnFire Films: Will you focus on documentary style films, feature films or both?

“Our focus is feature films but I would definitely love to explore the world of documentaries.”


How did you come to find Lost Girl?

“Lost Girl found me.”

How did you first react to learning about Kenzi, and what were the challenges? What do you and Kenzi have in common?

“I had to really build and create the Kenzi we have all come to know today and it was not without it’s challenges. What I can say is that I was very surprised that I was cast because I didn’t think I was funny at all. I was fascinated by her but when we first started the process, I didn’t have any connection to her.

After playing Kenzi for so many years, I know now that what we do share is a very similar sense of humor, a love of fashion and a deep understanding of how important family is.”

In the Confaedential, you said you’re not used to being comic relief, however you’re just so good at it, I have to wonder, are you a prankster outside of your role as Kenzi?

“I wouldn’t call myself a prankster but I do very much love making people laugh.”

Ksenia, the clothes you wear both on and off screen always look so amazing and beautiful. You have a great sense of style and fashion. Have you ever thought about designing your own line of clothing? How much influence do you have on Kenzi’s wardrobe and what items would you most like to take home if you could? Do you have a favorite outfit that Kenzi has worn?

“Designing is definitely a passion I would like to pursue.

Anne Dixon, the very gifted wardrobe designer who created the look of Lost Girl always inspired me with her unique ideas for Kenzi. Through the years and our time spent together creating Kenzi’s look, we always collaborated in a beautiful way. Anne taught me many things about how to take something simple and then ‘Kenzify’ it. I am definitely very particular, very involved and care deeply about Kenzi’s look.

In fact I would like to take most of Kenzi’s fashion home. Her Heart Attack jeans, her cool leather jackets. And least we forget….the shoes!”

Do you have a favorite Kenzi moment from the series?

“It would be impossible to pick just one.”


Is there anything else you want to say to your fans reading this?

“I cherish you all very much. Thank you for your endless support and for loving Kenzi as much as I do. Thank you for allowing her teach us all how important it is to be a real, true friend.”

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Lost Girl To End After Season 5
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Showcase released a video of Anna Silk (Lost Girl’s Bo) announcing that Lost Girl will end after the next season (season five).

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Preview Preview Preview Preview
Preview Preview Preview Preview Season 5 – Screencaps

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Photoshoot Additions
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Preview Preview Preview Preview
Preview Preview Preview Preview
Photoshoot Additions: 59 New Photos

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The Factory: Screencaps
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Preview Preview Preview Preview
The Factory: Screencaps

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Various Fan Event Photos
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Appearances: Various Fan Event Photos

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