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Real Style: What originally inspired you to pursue acting?

Ksenia: I grew up in a family of artists and was inspired from a young age to pursue the same path

Real Style: What can we expect from your character, Shay, in this upcoming season of Orphan Black?

Ksenia: What I can say is that Shay is very different from the people that Cosima has let into her life before. It will definitely be a different dynamic, but that’s all I can say.

Real Style: What has been the most challenging part of playing Shay on the show?

Ksenia: To be honest with you, it’s been a wonderful experience, in terms of playing Shay. To me, the most challenging aspect of being a part of Season 3 of Orphan Black is that I was simultaneously working on another TV series called TURN: Washington’s Spies, which is on AMC. We filmed the show in Richmond, Virginia, and I was on so many flights back and forth between Richmond and Toronto. There was literally a point where I remember sitting on a plane and not remembering what city I was going to. Working on the two shows at the same time, and taking so many flights that I’ve literally lost track of, was the most challenging part for me.

Real Style: Do you feel that you can identify with your character Shay, and do you have anything in common with her?

Ksenia: I can definitely identify with her in certain ways. I feel that often, the characters that we play have something that resonates with us. What I do have in common with Shay is our love of yoga and trying to attain a Zen way of life.

Real Style: How has the experience been working with your co-star Tatiana Maslany on Orphan Black?

Ksenia: It’s been nothing but a joyful experience. Tatiana and I actually grew up on a television series when we were teenagers [ on APTN]. We played best friends. I was a huge fan of hers back then. Getting to work with her all of these years later has been very fun and very exciting for us. We’ve always had a great chemistry. To be able to be on screen again has been very cool.

Real Style: Were there some memorable moments of being on set together?

Ksenia: We had a lot of fun. We have some photographic evidence of our crazy times, which I’m sure we’ll post sooner or later! It was just a lot of laughing, and again, we’ve known each other for quite a while. We’re very comfortable with one another and enjoying the process.

Real Style: What sets your role on Orphan Black apart from your previous role on Lost Girl?

Ksenia: Shay is the complete opposite of Kenzi in every possible way! It was a challenge to play a character that I had never played before, but I really enjoyed it.

Real Style: Describe your dream role. You’ve had an amazing time on Orphan Black and Lost Girl. Do you also have a film or another type of TV series that you’d love to do?

Ksenia: I always dream of roles that will challenge me, roles where I can completely step outside of myself. Some examples of roles that have really inspired me are Charlize Theron in Monster or Glenn Close in Albert Nobbs. I just really admire actors who can completely transform themselves. It’s a dream of mine to play a character like that, where I can just be somebody completely else and completely unrecognizable.

Real Style: Is there anything exciting or unexpected you’d like fans to know before the new season of Orphan Black starts?

Ksenia: I wish I could tell you all the wonderful surprises and secrets of the new season, but I can’t! What I can say is that there are some really awesome new characters that have come on board, both good and bad. If you liked the show before, then hold on to your seats because it’s going to be a wild ride. (Source)

Interview: The Chronicle Herald
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Benedict Arnold, hero of the American Revolution.

That’s the storyline for the second season of AMC’s Turn: Washington’s Spies, says actress Ksenia Solo, who joins the historical drama as Arnold’s second wife, Peggy Shippen.

Rather than presenting the notorious traitor as he’s best known today, Solo says the lush period saga explores the personal details that led to Arnold’s famous betrayal.

And that, in some way, could redeem his ignoble reputation.

“It’s not as cut-and-dry as Benedict just being a traitor and he’s terrible and he’s evil for what he did,” says Solo, born in Latvia but raised in Toronto.

“He was treated very poorly by people that were close to him and by George Washington himself . . . He really was a hero (for) everything he did for his country, including risk his life and including getting shot in the leg multiple times and never being able to walk properly again. . . . He never got the status he deserved, he never got the respect that he deserved.”

The second season picks up in the fall of 1777 — several years before Arnold, played by Owain Yeoman, turns on his brothers-in-arms.

It’s clear things are not looking good for Gen. George Washington, played by Ian Kahn, and his Continental Army: the British have seized Philadelphia, and conspirators emerge within his own ranks.

Shippen is introduced in Monday’s two-hour premiere as a skilled socialite with a rich father and many suitors. The Paris Hilton of her time, according to AMC press materials.

Solo says her cunning character gets a wide berth to display the complicated reasons she joins British Maj. John Andre, played by JJ Feild, in recruiting battle commander Arnold.

“A lot of her motivation is out of love, her love for John Andre,” says Solo, also known as Kenzi on the Showcase fantasy series Lost Girl.

Nevertheless, most of the action still centres on conflicted cabbage farmer Abe Woodhull, played by Jamie Bell, and his spy ring. The first season ended with Abe burning down his home to cover up the murder of a British soldier who discovered he was a spy.

“Season 1, I think, was all about building the foundation, introducing the characters, really exploring the history and introducing everybody to it,” Solo says.

“Now they can get into action. And so the pacing is different, the new characters add a new energy.”

Preparing for the role of Shippen involved a lot of reading, but Solo admits she started with some dubious material — Drunk History, the Web series-turned TV show in which inebriated storytellers recount famous past events.

“I was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m never going to be able to do it as good as Winona Ryder in ‘Drunk History.’ But I will try,” chuckles Solo, who worked with Ryder on Black Swan.

As a Canadian, Solo can’t help but attempt to redeem the reputation of show villain Capt. John Graves Simcoe, played by Samuel Roukin.

In Turn, he’s portrayed as a vicious attack dog who targets Abe and his gang with an almost psychotic ruthlessness.

Solo notes that the real Simcoe would eventually become the first lieutenant-governor of Upper Canada, found the town of York (now Toronto) and play a key role in ending slavery in Canada.

“They’re definitely portrayed as the evil people, I think the occupying forces are always given that status,” she says of the Brit characters in Turn.

It took some time for Solo to find a followup to Lost Girl, which won her a devoted fanbase for her sidekick character.

Over the years, she says she tried to squeeze in other jobs, but with 12-to-16 hour days on Lost Girl stretching anywhere from four to seven months, “it was physically impossible.”

Shortly after her Lost Girl departure was announced in 2014, she went to Los Angeles looking for her next step. The night before returning to Toronto, she got the script for Turn.

“The heavens opened up and the light came through and here was the sort of role that I had been dreaming about,” she says.

Simply put, it was time to move on.

“When you play the same character on television for so many years it’s very easy for not only viewers — but industry professionals — to pigeonhole you and only see you as that one thing,” says Solo, who also joins the new season of Space’s Orphan Black.

“I don’t want to do the same thing twice.” (Source)

April 10 – ET Canada (Video Clip)
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Interview: Cinefilles – Lost Girl, Turn, Orphan Black, & Directing
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You think of her Kenzi, or Lil’ Mama. But prepare to know here as Peggy. And Shay. And Director.

Cinefilles got a chance to speak with Lost Girl star Ksenia Solo recently and it sounds like she’s got a lot on her plate as she prepares to leave Bo and Co. behind for good. Starting this Monday, she’ll become a series regular on Turn: Washington’s Spies. And starting this season, she’ll be a recurring character on Orphan Black. To get a little insight on each of these roles, plus what else (!!!) she’s got going next, check out our exclusive Q&A with Solo below!

On Turn, you’re playing Peggy Shippen, the wife of Benedict Arnold. How did you prepare differently for this role than you have other before, considering it is historically-based?

KSENIA SOLO: The preparation for this role was different in that I’m playing a real person. Playing someone that actually existed comes along with a certain responsibility versus when you create a character from the ground up. I had never done that before, so it was a new experience for me, but a very cool one because of all the research I had to do to make sure I was on point and familiar with that time period.

Was there anything that surprised you about Peggy in your research, either in terms of her life or her contribution to the Revolutionary War?

KS: Absolutely. I think she’s much more complicated than people think she is. What is interesting about her is that she was perceived one way when in actual fact, it was just a façade and she was actually very cunning, and educated, and politically savvy. No one really expected that from her; they just thought she was a very skilled, charming socialite. But she made a huge contribution to history and played a very pivotal role in turning Benedict Arnold, America’s famous traitor, over to the British side.

In a way, she is, like a lot of characters you’ve played, this strong-willed, outspoken woman, but just in a different time period.

KS: I guess you could say that! Yeah! [Laughs]

In the pictures I’ve seen of you playing Peggy, you’re wearing very extravagant period costumes. How essential do you think costuming is in getting into character? Even playing Kenzi on Lost Girl you had very specific costumes.

KS: I think a costume in your image of the character is really everything. I put on the dress, I put on my wig, I put on my accent, so to speak, and right away it helps me feel like I’m in that era. It just would not be possible without the complete look.

I imagine you’re wearing a wig on this show, yes?

KS: I am. Yes!

How heavy is it? It looks massive!

KS: Not as heavy as people think it is. That was one of my concerns, but it’s definitely not as bad as it looks.

How has being on Turn has affected you as an actress? Does it make you want to experiment with different dramatic genres?

KS: I’ve always wanted to experiment with different genres. I’m very passionate about playing different roles that scare me and challenge me, so I look forward to, hopefully, doing more in the future.

In terms of what it’s done to my career, at this point I can’t answer that. I mean, the show hasn’t premiered yet! But I’m excited for the fans to see it and I’m excited for my fans to see it because they only know me thus far as Kenzi from Lost Girl. I look forward to hopefully surprising them with this very different character.

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Interview: A Woman You Should Meet
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Ksenia Solo is a conventionally pretty, small, sprite of a woman, but you wouldn’t know that judging from her roles (her CV is no list of rom-coms). Instead, the actress has made it her mission to find parts that are as complex and unique as possible. In addition to playing a professional thief on Lost Girl and a holistic healer on Orphan Black, Solo will be portraying real-life character Peggy Shippen on AMC’s Turn: Washington’s Spies. But before she ever learned about her character’s history (Shippen has her own Drunk History video, which is probably the best way for you to learn) Solo took part in a decidedly ‘Shippen’ happening: a love triangle. Sort of. We’ll let her tell it.

Congrats on TURN. Tell me a little bit about how you first got involved in the show and about your character Peggy.
It was an old fashioned audition. I couldn’t go in the room to meet with Craig [Silverstein, creator] for casting because I was filming Lost Girl. I got the script and put myself on tape. After sending it in, I Skyped with Craig and he gave me notes on Peggy. The rest, as they say, is history.

And Peggy?
Peggy Shippen is a very fascinating young woman, a socialite that people refer to as the Paris Hilton of her time. That was really a façade though. She was politically savvy and very well educated. For the time, she was very ahead of the other women she was around.

When I first read about the character, the name Peggy made me think immediately of Peggy from Mad Men who is also very much ahead of her time and a strong woman in a man’s world.
Absolutely. And Peggy Shippen is very opinionated and will tell you what she thinks when she thinks it. She almost seems like she was born in the wrong era because she was so forward thinking.

Peggy has an interesting storyline where she’s kind of in a love triangle with Major John Andre and Benedict Arnold. Do you have any experience with love triangles?
[Laughs] Do I? Well, actually! Oh my god, I can’t believe you asked me that! In high school, maybe briefly, there was a bit of a triangle. But we definitely don’t have to get into that. [Laughs] In Peggy’s case it’s interesting because she meets and falls in love with John Andre and she unwillingly gets tied into this triangle when she and Andre try to turn Benedict. I think it’ll be an interesting ride for her to want to be with someone but not be able to because of the circumstances. She has to put her feelings aside and it can’t be easy.

Everyone knows the name Benedict Arnold and that it has only negative connotations. It’s what you call a friend who betrays you! Have your opinions changed about that namesake since being in this role?
For sure. I think what TURN does so brilliantly is it explores what made these people do what they did. We get to see the behind-the-scenes of what the war was like. I think it’s great that we can show where these people came from and what happened to make them do what they did.

You get to wear some seriously amazing costumes on this show. Tell me everything you can about the costuming process.
I’m so lucky. We have an incredible team. Donna, our costume head, worked on John Addams on HBO so she has an incredible grasp of that time period. We have so much fun with Peggy. Every dress is more grand than the last. The choices of fabric stays true to what they had in 1777. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever worn before. The gowns are so big, they definitely took some adjusting to. The corset, something I’ve never worn before, was rough. The first time I put it on I thought it was fine and literally five minutes later I was gasping for air! You get used to it though. They’re made out of leather so they mold to your body.

When you’re in the dress and you have to change the way you walk and move to accommodate it, does it help you get into character a little better?
It’s hard not to get into character. It changes the entire way you feel in your body wearing that corset. I’d be like ‘Um, how do I go to the bathroom?’ It always makes for embarrassing bathroom trips. Not only was it this new image, but also the accent. All of those pieces put together really helps you get into that world. I worked really hard with a dialect coach because many of my cast-mates are real Brits, so I wanted to be on par with them and not embarrass myself.

Between this and Orphan Black – a show that’s pretty futuristic – do you feel like you’re hurdling back and forth through time?
Absolutely. It’s been a crazy winter filming both shows at the same time, going from 1777 to this futuristic science world full of clones! But to be honest, the hardest part about it was traveling and flying. Going from Richmond, Virginia, to Toronto was the most exhausting part of the process.

You’ve played a lot of characters that are outside the usual realm for young beautiful actresses. Is that something you look for?
That’s been a conscious effort to constantly try to do different things and play different roles. I get bored and don’t want to do the same thing again and again. It’s not the kind of actor I am. For me to be happy and creatively satisfied I need to do things that scare me. I played Kenzi on Lost Girl for a while and loved it and learned so much but there came a time when I thought okay, what’s the next chapter? I put work into making sure I’m always expanding myself. (Source)

Ksenia Solo says her Orphan Black character is no Kenzi
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Lost Girl fans still mourning the loss of beloved character Kenzi may be surprised by actress Ksenia Solo’s turn on Space’s Orphan Black.

Solo says it’s a much different role, and fans of the Showcase serial shouldn’t be expecting some sort of resurrection of their spunky heroine.

“I think maybe in people’s minds they imagine Kenzi coming into clone club,” Solo said Tuesday while also promoting her upcoming role in the AMC series Turn: Washington’s Spies.

“It’ll be a surprise because Shay is very different than Kenzi and very different than anything I’ve played before. . . . It’s cool to have three shows sort of airing all at once where I get to be in completely different worlds playing completely different characters, who all have different motivations and backgrounds.”

Space has revealed that Solo is to join Orphan Black as a woman named Shay, a holistic healer who meets Cosima, one of several cloned characters played by Tatiana Maslany.

Solo says her character pops up in the fifth episode of this upcoming third season. Beyond that, there’s not much she’s allowed to reveal.

“What I can say is that this girl is very different from the people we’ve previously seen in Cosima’s life. And it’s a really wild season,” she says.

Solo says she’s known Maslany since they were about 14 and both appeared on the APTN series

“We had an amazing time working together then and so all these years later it’s been a really fantastic reunion for us,” she says.

“We have a really great chemistry. I admire her dearly and love her dearly, so it’s really nice to work with somebody that you have such a great connection with.”

The third season of Orphan Black debuts April 18 on Space. (Source)

‘Turn: Washington’s Spies’ star beauty Ksenia Solo turning heads
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Ladies and gentlemen, Ksenia Solo, “The most beautiful woman in America.”

Okay, it’s not just me saying it. And technically it’s Solo’s character in Turn: Washington’s Spies who is described as “the most beautiful woman in America.” But still, a great thing to put on a resume, am I right?

Did the title come with a cash prize? Was there some sort of ceremony?

“Oh my goodness, I mean, I wish,” the 27-year-old Canadian said with a big laugh. “I don’t know if my moral compass will let me walk around even repeating that line.

“It’s so funny, it’s like, ‘No pressure, but you’re only playing, you know, the supposed most beautiful woman in America.’ We have the most incredible director of photography and so I truly and honestly owe it all to him, and to our hair and makeup team for creating Peggy with me.

“Because it takes a village, let me tell ya.”

By Peggy, Solo means Peggy Shippen, a real-life person who was a crucial figure in the U.S. Revolutionary War. That’s the era in which Turn: Washington’s Spies is set, and the series returns for its second season, Monday, April 13 on AMC.

Solo is most familiar to TV viewers for her role as Kenzi on Lost Girl. Signing up for the second season of Turn certainly was a big change, philosophically and physically.

“After I had finished Lost Girl, I was looking for something that would be the complete opposite of what I had been doing for many years,” Solo said. “I always had wanted to do a period piece, and I thought Peggy was an intriguing, complex role.

“There aren’t many roles for young women that are this dynamic.”

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Turn: Behind the Scenes via Zap2it
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Preview Preview Preview Preview
Turn: Screencaps: Behind the Scenes

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