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LG: Anna, Ksenia, and Kris Preview Season 3′s End
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“Lost Girl” is better than ever (and has already been renewed for a fourth season), and on Thursday, March 7, we joined a conference call with series stars Anna Silk, Ksenia Solo, and Kris Holden-Ried as they teased what’s to come in the rest of season 3.

Kenzi and Bo’s friendship. Kenzi has had a rough time lately, and Bo has tough times coming with the trials she’s going to be facing, but whatever happens, “it’s impossible to tear them apart because of the bond they have and the love they have for each other,” Solo shared. “Every relationship goes through its ups and downs and I think they’ve been on the up swing for a while so I think it was time this season to give them a little, some hardships to go through. So I think once they get over these bumps in the road, they’ll be able to move on to the next chapter in their relationship.” Silk agreed, adding, “Friendships really have to evolve, they have to be challenged, so I think it’s good for Bo and Kenzi to shake things up a little bit in terms of their friendship and see where it goes from where we leave off.”

Challenges and decisions ahead. Speaking of the trials coming Bo’s way, Silk and Holden-Ried both teased an upcoming scene in episode 9 that the actress said “required a lot of emotional presence” in a dream world. Also facing some challenging situations is going to be Kenzi, who, while she’s back and alive, is going to now be more aware of the fact that she is just human in this fae world. “Now more than ever she feels weaker than all her friends,” Solo admitted. “Obviously everything affects us whether we know it or not, consciously or subconsciously, so I feel like [her recent experience] is going to affect the decisions she makes in the upcoming episodes.” And Kenzi will have “some really big decisions” to make going forward.

Speaking of season 4… While the actors couldn’t reveal anything about what’s coming up, Solo did say she would like to see more “outside the box” episodes, like the one where they switched bodies, “things that really challenge [them] as actors and challenge [their] characters.” Meanwhile, Silk said, “I feel like we’re evolving exactly as we should, which means that we’re constantly challenging and changing and moving forward, so I hope for more of that.” Finally, Holden-Ried did tease that there have been talks about looking into Dyson and Trick’s past and it could happen in season 4, “hopefully with flashbacks or really getting into the history of it.”

Read Kris and Anna’s thoughts on things Ksenia didn’t comment on here.

Leaderpost Interview
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Ksenia Solo may play a human in a sci-fi series filled with supernatural beings, but when it comes to her onscreen look, she’s a bona fide chameleon. As Kenzi on Lost Girl, she’s a professional scammer – and any con artist worth her salt has more than one bit of lipstick and blusher in her arsenal.

“I’ve had a dream since the very beginning of the show, for Kenzi to go undercover as a dude, facial hair and all,” says Solo, who has worn, among other things, a blood-red bob, bohemian blond waves and her trademark jet-black bangs on the show.

“There are almost no limits to how creative we can be, so it’s always great to play around and look for inspiration from different fashion icons, cultures, history, art, anything and everything creative.”

Solo’s transformations, done in collaboration with hair and makeup artists Lynda McCormack and Sandy Sokolowski, can take up to three hours. But when the three-time Gemini winner (one for Lost Girl, two for hits the set, there’s way more punching than primping going on.

“I always try to do my stunts myself, I’m a very physical actor, so I definitely enjoy that part of the job,” says Solo, whose fluency in Russian was worked into the show’s scripts.

Now in its third butt-kicking season, Lost Girl airs on U.S. cable network Syfy and is up for four Canadian Screen Awards including one for Solo as best supporting actress in a TV drama. (Source)

LG Season 3: Anna, Ksenia and Kris On What To Expect With Bo, Kenzi And Dyson
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I’ve only included Ksenia’s quotes here, so please read the full article to see what Anna and Kris had to say. Also, please note there’s some minor spoilers throughout.

Character changes this season

“On my end, what I can say without giving anything away is that Kenzi’s life is really in danger this season,” said Solo. “She goes through some pretty traumatic experiences that she has to come out and it really affects her and changes the way she thinks and the soon-to-be decisions that she has to make.”

What was added to the characters

Solo and Silk talked about some things that became part of their characters as the episodes wore on.

“Well, for Kenzi, I don’t think it was written that she was going to be Russian or that she had a Russian background, Russian family. I think that was a big part that was added,” said Solo.

Kenzi’s background and relationships explored

“I would really love to delve into Kenzi’s backstory,” said Solo about what she would like to see come up in future episodes. “That’s something that I’ve been talking about since the very beginning, just to see where she came from. What kind of life she had to have had before meeting Bo that has made her the way she is today. Why she had to live on the street and live on her own and leave home and we’ve referenced a couple of times that she had an abusive stepfather and just a pretty crazy family all around.”

“I would really love to delve deeper into that and maybe explore her relationship with her dad and with Dyson,” she added. “Kenzi and Dyson go through a very interesting experience this season, so we delve deeper into the relationship, but in a way I don’t think anybody expects.”

Holden-Reid added, “There are definitely a couple of episodes that push our relationship to new boundaries and limits and we come out of it on the other side even stronger than we’ve ever been.”

Lost Girl in Canada and the U.S.

The cast is pretty stoked for the show to be popular not only in Canada and the U.S., but the world.

[A]nd we just aired in Australia as well, which is cool,” added Solo. “The fact that people on the other side can sit in front of their TVs and enjoy Lost Girl just like we can here is a really cool thing to know and the fact that we get fanmail from all over the world, parts of the world that we never even thought would be seeing Lost Girl but they do and it’s always a huge honor when that happens. I think that the special thing about Lost Girl is that it’s so worldwide. It’s a real source of pride and joy for us. ”

Read the full interview here.

Ksenia discusses Kenzi/Lost Girl
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Stop reading -now- if you want to avoid possible spoilers for “Lost Girl”. This discusses what happened last week and what may come.


And human Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) was given a mystical gift — or was it a curse?

Whatever the power turns out to be, Solo hopes it provides some juicy material for her character. “What I hope happens is that she gets to experience a little darkness,” says Solo of Kenzi, who has mostly served as comic relief on the show. “As an actor, it’s really important for me to be challenged. So I would be happy if I was faced with difficult situations.” (Source)

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Click here to read a transcript of a Sy Fy conference call with Ksenia, Anna Silk and Kris Holden-Ried about ‘Lost Girl’. The transcript is 42 pages long.

FearNet Inteview
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I’ve stumbled into a new interview with Ksenia where she discusses both ‘Lost Girl’ and ‘Locke and Key’.

You’ve appeared in supernatural projects before. When you received the script, what was different about Lost Girl?

Well, a major thing was I had never heard of Fae before. I was like, “What? Are they people with wings that look like Tinkerbell?” I don’t know. Of course reading the script, it was so much darker than I initially thought. It’s so fascinating these creatures that feed off human emotion, karma, chi and sexuality. I thought it was so fresh and exciting. The fact Kenzi was this human that would be living among these creatures, and happily doing so, was very appealing.

With Kenzi, you also get to explore your comedic skills, which are new to your wheelhouse…

I always wanted to do comedy. The better part of my career has been spent crying or in life-or-death situations and being kidnapped and having drug addictions. It’s all this crazy intense stuff, so the fact I would be the comedic relief of this show, that definitely stood out.

With her pale skin and long black hair, Dodge certainly has a Japanese horror vibe to her. Did you turn to anything for inspiration in her speech or movement?

The resemblance is kind of creepy with all those well girls from The Ring and other films that have the long black hair and wear a night gown, or whatever it’s called. You’re very right. I see how I resemble that, but at the time, I completely did not think of that. It was one of those amazing times I picked up the script and had this weird feeling of “I have to play this role.” I saw her as very androgynous and creepy, but at the same time, she had to be vulnerable and soft spoken and almost like a snake. You couldn’t touch her because she was so slippery in the sense that you couldn’t figure her out. Dodge was just this mystery.

Read the full interview. Interview
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In speaking with her we find out they are both fashionistas, “Kenzi is quite a fashionista, and I would say in my own life I am too, I’m in love with everything that has to do with fashion and expressing yourself in clothing and hair and makeup and how you look. So its a lot of fun, because Kenzi is always going undercover and changing her hair Ksenia Solo and she’s got some really outrageous looks. I have a ball getting to explore all of that with her.” Solo deeply admires Anne Dickenson, the stylist on the set of Lost Girl. “It’s always been a collaborative process with her, we have a lot of fun because we go in and we get to play. Kenzi is such a unique character in that way, we don’t have to stick to rules, we can always think outside the box, and just add little tiny details that always make her outfits incredibly fun and different and unique to her. We have an amazing hair and makeup team whom I admire so much and everyday going into that chair, we get to play. You don’t find a character that you can go in and talk about ‘Okay what do we feel like doing today? What is inspiring us today? What colors do we wanna play around with today? Do we want to be blonde? Do we want to be green?’ It’s always really fun, it just makes the job really really enjoyable, when you’re working with such creative people who do such incredible work we’re really in great hands.”

Read the full interview here.

Lost Girl: Anna Silk & Ksenia Solo Dish About Their Characters’ Bond
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Ksenia warmly concurs, “I think life is really all about timing, and I really think that Bo and Kenzi find each other at a time when they need to. And that friendship stems from this crazy set of circumstances when they meet.  Bo saves Kenzi’s life and Kenzi is forever indebted to her. And I feel like they’re both, kind of, these two warriors that come from two different worlds but they come together and become this powerhouse. They’re like two puzzle pieces that just fit perfectly together. And you know, like Kenzi says in the first episode, “Batman needs his Robin.””

Keep reading…