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London Comic Con – Oct. 26 & 27
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Red hot fantasy-noir show Lost Girl is coming to MCM London Comic Con later this month, with stars Ksenia Solo, Rachel Skarsten and Executive Producer Jay Firestone. Get the lowdown on one of TV’s most seductive series!

All three will be appearing both October 26 and 27. Ticket information here.

Rumor: Star Wars: Episode VII
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This is just a rumor right now, nothing is confirmed, but as it’s been posted a few places I’m posting it here. What would you think about Ksenia in the new Star Wars?

It looks like there are two new rumors for casting in Star Wars: Episode VII. With the rumors of Benedict Cumberbatch as a Sith, we hear about Liam McIntyre, of Starz’s Spartacus fame, has read for a part in the upcoming film and could possible become a Jedi. Lost Girl actress Ksenia Solo has been rumored to be up for a role – possibly Han Solo and Princess Leia’s daughter. (Source)

Meet Ksenia: Fan Expo Canada – August 24th
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The cast of Lost Girl will be appearing at Fan Expo Canada on August 24th. Meet the cast at noon followed by an autograph session at 1 pm. Check out the Fan Expo site for more information… and if you attend, please submit your photos!

Comic-Con tackles bullying with Ksenia
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Comic-Con fans flock to the convention seeking a good time, but many are also driven towards promoting social change.

Hosted by the Anti-Bullying Coalition, a red carpet mixer was held Sunday morning at a Fifth Avenue restaurant in conjunction with Comic Con. Featuring celebrity guests, leading organizations and internationally recognized experts in anti-bullying, the mixer involved mimosas and muffins but more importantly, the intentional conversations needed to bring an end to the worldwide issue of bullying.

TV celebrities also joined in at the mixer, including “Lost Girl” actress Ksenia Solo, who expressed her support for “Stand For The Silent,” an organization that holds nationwide rallies advocating anti-bullying.

“I’m thrilled to be here,” she says. “Anything I can do to support this wonderful cause, I am definitely on board with.”

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Vote for Ksenia’s Photography
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Ksenia has posted a handful of GORGEOUS personal photos she’s taken over at See Me for a contest. Please check them out here and vote for her! Her work is wonderful and I know she has enough fans to help her get the win.

Life is beautiful…so full of magical moments…that often come and go as quick as the wind…

Sometimes we stop seeing that magic because there is so much chaos & sorrow that surrounds us…

Whenever I get lucky and happen to accidentally capture one of those delicate moments…It makes me incredibly happy.

If I can share those moments with you, and if they could be a reminder to us all that life is in fact magnificent and full of wonder…

Then…that’s super cool. – Ksenia

TV Alert – Tomorrow: Good Day New York
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Ksenia is appearing on “Good Day New York” tomorrow! Sorry for the late notice, but if you’re in the area, I hope you can set your DVRs! If you find a clip of her appearance online, please contact me so I can share it with everyone.

LG: Anna, Ksenia, and Kris Preview Season 3′s End
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“Lost Girl” is better than ever (and has already been renewed for a fourth season), and on Thursday, March 7, we joined a conference call with series stars Anna Silk, Ksenia Solo, and Kris Holden-Ried as they teased what’s to come in the rest of season 3.

Kenzi and Bo’s friendship. Kenzi has had a rough time lately, and Bo has tough times coming with the trials she’s going to be facing, but whatever happens, “it’s impossible to tear them apart because of the bond they have and the love they have for each other,” Solo shared. “Every relationship goes through its ups and downs and I think they’ve been on the up swing for a while so I think it was time this season to give them a little, some hardships to go through. So I think once they get over these bumps in the road, they’ll be able to move on to the next chapter in their relationship.” Silk agreed, adding, “Friendships really have to evolve, they have to be challenged, so I think it’s good for Bo and Kenzi to shake things up a little bit in terms of their friendship and see where it goes from where we leave off.”

Challenges and decisions ahead. Speaking of the trials coming Bo’s way, Silk and Holden-Ried both teased an upcoming scene in episode 9 that the actress said “required a lot of emotional presence” in a dream world. Also facing some challenging situations is going to be Kenzi, who, while she’s back and alive, is going to now be more aware of the fact that she is just human in this fae world. “Now more than ever she feels weaker than all her friends,” Solo admitted. “Obviously everything affects us whether we know it or not, consciously or subconsciously, so I feel like [her recent experience] is going to affect the decisions she makes in the upcoming episodes.” And Kenzi will have “some really big decisions” to make going forward.

Speaking of season 4… While the actors couldn’t reveal anything about what’s coming up, Solo did say she would like to see more “outside the box” episodes, like the one where they switched bodies, “things that really challenge [them] as actors and challenge [their] characters.” Meanwhile, Silk said, “I feel like we’re evolving exactly as we should, which means that we’re constantly challenging and changing and moving forward, so I hope for more of that.” Finally, Holden-Ried did tease that there have been talks about looking into Dyson and Trick’s past and it could happen in season 4, “hopefully with flashbacks or really getting into the history of it.”

Read Kris and Anna’s thoughts on things Ksenia didn’t comment on here.

Lost Girl: Renewed for Season 4
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Lost Girl has been picked up for a fourth season on Showcase. Not long after Showcase’s press release, Sy Fy has also announced it will be airing the fourth season. The original Showcase press release is featured below.

Midway through its daring third season, Showcase orders a fourth season of the homegrown smash hit, Lost Girl. Boasting giant ratings, the Canadian original series begins production on season four this spring, set to air late 2013. Season three continues with new episodes Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Consistently delivering stellar ratings, Lost Girl has become a cornerstone series for Showcase and a top-rated specialty drama in Canada. During its first season run, Lost Girl ranked as the number one series on the channel (A25-54) and was the number one scripted series across all specialty channels (A25-54).The sophomore season maintained a strong performance, seeing a 5% audience growth across the 2+, A18-49, and M25-54 demos over season one, and ranked the number one program on Showcase. Un’fae’zed by the competition, Lost Girl trended worldwide on Twitter the night of the season three premiere winning its 9pm timeslot for specialty dramatic programming across multiple key demos, and delivered a top 3 performance for the night. Since the season three premiere began, Lost Girl remains the number one specialty program from 9-10pm on Sundays (A25-54 and 18-49).

“Lost Girl remains an anchor series for Showcase, and with its sharp writing and palpable cast chemistry, it has amassed a fan following second-to-none,” said Barbara Williams, Senior Vice President, Content, Shaw Media. “We are delighted to bring fans another season of the series and can’t wait to see where the creative team takes the story next.”

“Bo’s world is going to be turned upside down. Her beliefs will be challenged and her allegiances will be questioned. Fans can look forward to a roller coaster ride,” said Jay Firestone, Executive Producer, Prodigy Pictures.

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