In speaking with her we find out they are both fashionistas, “Kenzi is quite a fashionista, and I would say in my own life I am too, I’m in love with everything that has to do with fashion and expressing yourself in clothing and hair and makeup and how you look. So its a lot of fun, because Kenzi is always going undercover and changing her hair Ksenia Solo and she’s got some really outrageous looks. I have a ball getting to explore all of that with her.” Solo deeply admires Anne Dickenson, the stylist on the set of Lost Girl. “It’s always been a collaborative process with her, we have a lot of fun because we go in and we get to play. Kenzi is such a unique character in that way, we don’t have to stick to rules, we can always think outside the box, and just add little tiny details that always make her outfits incredibly fun and different and unique to her. We have an amazing hair and makeup team whom I admire so much and everyday going into that chair, we get to play. You don’t find a character that you can go in and talk about ‘Okay what do we feel like doing today? What is inspiring us today? What colors do we wanna play around with today? Do we want to be blonde? Do we want to be green?’ It’s always really fun, it just makes the job really really enjoyable, when you’re working with such creative people who do such incredible work we’re really in great hands.”

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